Why Mountain Ocean Rehab?

Massage Treatments Given by Physiotherapists in the Bournemouth Area.

Wealth of Experience

Mountain Ocean Rehab has over 1,500 hours of experience delivering relaxation and deep tissue massage to a range of clients. Our specialities include; sports massage, relaxation massage and pregnancy massage, delivered in the Bournemouth area.

Exceptional Service

Mountain Ocean Rehab will come to the comfort of your house, holiday home or workplace and set up in an area convenient for you. Equipped with the plinth, oils and music.

Focus on You

Whether it is a full body relaxation massage or a focused area of deep tissue massage, Mountain Ocean Rehab can tailor the time to your body. We undertake a short initial assessment to ensure the treatment is fully focussed on your needs and goals.

Covid-19: We have implemented strict hygiene measures to protect our patients and practitioners.
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Massage Treatments

What to Expect

The Finer Details


Please prepare an area in your house / workplace that we are able to set up a plinth, where you won't be disturbed and provides some privacy.

Please have ready two bath towels to lay over you, 1 small hand towel and a pillow or cushion to lay on the plinth.


You will be asked, in privacy, to remove your clothes down to your underwear. Once laying on the plinth, one of the towels will be placed over you to keep you warm.


1 hour massage is the minimum you are able to book, but we are of course more than happy to do more.

For full body relaxation massage 1 hour to 1.5 hours is recommended.


  • 1hr: £60
  • 1.5hrs: £90
  • All prices include travel to location, plinth, oil and music.
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Client Testimonials

  • Georgina helped me regain the muscles and stability lost in my leg, giving me the best possible chance post operation. I could not recommend her highly enough... Davina Longsdon

  • As a former professional athlete I need the best possible treatment to stay in form and keep doing the sports I love. Thanks to Georgina's help I had an amazing season! Daniel Luger (Former England Rugby player)

  • Georgina can tailor your experience from an indulgent body massage to proving therapy for uncomfortable aches and pains. You will feel truly revived by the end of your session by the best masseuse we have experienced... Pauline and Mark Biddle

  • Georgina has treated my various skiing injuries over the years with tremendous skill, knowledge and kindness. With Georgina you are in excellent hands. She is my go-to physio when in Val d’Isere and I can whole heartedly recommend her... Dr Cookie Dakin


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