Why Mountain Ocean Rehab?

Group Yoga Lessons Delivered by Chartered Physiotherapists, in the Bournemouth Area.

Flexible Group Yoga Lessons

Group Yoga lessons in Bournemouth in the convenience of your own home or workplace. Whether a group of friends who would like to exercise together, a corporate organisation looking for employee wellbeing or a hen party looking for a fun group class, Mountain Ocean Rehab can fulfill your needs and goals.

Relax and Breathe

We’ll take away the strain away and travel to you, bringing all the necessary equipment for your group including mats, blocks and belts. Leaving you to focus on being ‘present’ on the mat for the duration of the session. Everything else is taken care of.. And breathe!

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Tailored to Each Group

Whether Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, or a combination of the two, Mountain Ocean Rehab tailor the lesson to the needs of the group. Although each session varies, group yoga lessons generally consists of Pranayama (breath work), followed by a warm up, Sun Salutations A&B, the main body of the session and ending with some relaxation (Shavasana).

Prior to your first group yoga session, Mountain Ocean Rehab will complete a quick assessment to identify the group’s fitness goals and any present or past medical conditions.

Yoga with Added Value

Develop the asanas and your overall yoga practice with a Yoga Alliance Qualified teacher, who is also a Chartered Physiotherapist. Find out more about our Bournemouth based yoga teacher.

Covid-19: We have implemented strict hygiene measures to protect our patients and practitioners.
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The Benefits of Yoga

People who practice yoga regularly develop improved strength, co-ordination, endurance, flexibility, balance and breathing. Adding regular yoga sessions into your schedule will not only imrpove your general wellbeing but will also benefit other sports; from running, to swimming, surfing, cycling, and even skiing.

Restore and Energise

The energising and restorative effects of yoga are well documented. Awaken the mind while gently warming up the body and improving it's ability to move. Unwind, cool down, restorative yoga also helps you prepare for exercise or simply for the day ahead.

Vinyassa Yoga

Vinyassa Yoga energises the body and mind by flowing between the asanas at a faster pace. Vinyassa Yoga also opens and strengthens the whole body, increasing the heart rate, and facilitating weight loss.

Hatha Yoga

Encourage mindful movements by holding individual postures for short periods while focussing on controlled breathing with the slower paced Hatha Yoga. It’s the perfect starting point for beginners.

What to Expect

The Finer Details


Please prepare an area in your house or workplace. We will need sufficient space for the mats on the floor and for the exercises to take place.

Mountain Ocean Rehab is able to provide four mats, blocks and belts. Our clients are very welcome to use their own equipment.


You'll need to wear approproate fitting sportswear, allowing you to move freely during the yoga session. It is advised to remove shoes and socks whilst on the mat.

Times and Prices

  • Initial Assessment (10 mins) and First Session (60 mins): £60 (70 mins)
  • Subsequent Sessions: £60 (60 mins) or £90 (90 mins)
  • Five Session Package: £250 (5 x 60 min sessions)
  • Five Session Package: £400 (5 x 90 min sessions)
  • *All prices include travel to your location and use of mats, blocks and belts.
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Georgina Daniels

Georgina is a Chartered Physiotherapist, 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher and a qualified Pilates teacher, with a wealth of experience working in both the private and public sectors across Europe and Asia.

Georgina is able to tailor her yoga sessions to the group's specific goals and needs, thanks to her extensive physiotherapy knowledge and experience.

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Client Testimonials

  • Georgina helped me regain the muscles and stability lost in my leg, giving me the best possible chance post operation. I could not recommend her highly enough... Davina Longsdon

  • As a former professional athlete I need the best possible treatment to stay in form and keep doing the sports I love. Thanks to Georgina's help I had an amazing season! Daniel Luger (Former England Rugby player)

  • Georgina can tailor your experience from an indulgent body massage to proving therapy for uncomfortable aches and pains. You will feel truly revived by the end of your session by the best masseuse we have experienced... Pauline and Mark Biddle

  • Georgina has treated my various skiing injuries over the years with tremendous skill, knowledge and kindness. With Georgina you are in excellent hands. She is my go-to physio when in Val d’Isere and I can whole heartedly recommend her... Dr Cookie Dakin


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